How to Do Vibrato on a Saxophone?

Answer Wow the audience!The saxophone is a fairly new woodwind instrument. It is a single reed instrument, like the clarinet, and the vibrato technique is similar.. Vibrato is vibrating the note so that i... Read More »

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How to Do Vibrato on a Violin?

So you've learned how to play the violin or viola, and you are pretty satisfied with how you play. So what's missing?Vibrato--a sound that you may describe thing your music is lacking. This article... Read More »

How to Do Vibrato on a Cello?

Have you ever listened to a cellist play The Swan and wondered, "Just how do they get that beautiful vibrato?" Vibrato is an essential part of all cello playing which many people, even those who ar... Read More »

How to Sing Vibrato?

When vibrato is flowing effortlessly in your voice it means that something good is happening. Vibrato is a sign of good vocal technique. Plus it sounds fantastic...It is a wonderful technique for c... Read More »

How to Sing With Vocal Vibrato?

Vibrato, being the the oscillations heard within a sustained tone, is a result of proper singing and good technique. It is commonly used in all styles of music, and is great for placing an emphasis... Read More »