How to Do Two Strand Twists With Extensions?

Answer The two strand twist---also known as a kinky twist or twist braid---is a method of styling hair that incorporates hair extensions into existing hair. You can perform this style regardless of the le... Read More »

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How to Start Locs With Two Strand Twists?

Two twist locs or twisties as they are commonly referred to can be done on long or short hair. Although worn by people from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, they are particularly pop... Read More »

How to Style Hair with Two Strand Twists?

Two strand twists is an easy and attractive way to style your hair. It is an old style, sometimes called Senegalese twists, and is remarkably flexible. While you hair is twisted, you can still pull... Read More »

How to Do Senegalese Twists With Extensions?

Natural hair twists or Senegalese twists are popular hairstyles among African American women as the style encourages hair growth and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike micro and other kinds ... Read More »

How to Do Kinky Twists With Extensions?

The regular styling of combing, pulling, curling and straightening natural hair can cause damage and prevent hair growth. Kinky twists with extensions are an excellent way to prevent unnecessary da... Read More »