How to Do Three Digit Subtraction Problems?

Answer When subtracting a three-digit number from another three-digit number, it's common to use a process called regrouping -- also known as borrowing. Regrouping involves identifying the placement group... Read More »

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Steps to Do Three Digit Subtraction With Borrowing?

Some students become frustrated with subtraction when they can no longer simply count toward an answer with their fingers. Subtracting three-digit numbers can seem like an intimidating task. Howeve... Read More »

Addition & Subtraction Problems for 3rd Grade?

Your third-grader will start learning complex equations involving large numbers, remainders and deficits. The math can be challenging at first, but with the proper guidance and support, your child ... Read More »

Math Problems for Subtraction by Regrouping?

Subtraction by regrouping, also known as borrowing, involves borrowing one from the digit on the left. In other words, successively regrouping each tens digit into 10 ones digits. With practice, st... Read More »

How to Solve Addition & Subtraction Word Problems?

Word problems in math can be difficult to solve because the wording can be confusing. The best way to tackle word problems is to break them down into smaller parts and solve each part to receive th... Read More »