How to Do Straw Sets With Perm Rods?

Answer Straw setting is a technique used to form small ringlet curls in black and biracial hair. It is a very useful style to have when growing your hair long, especially when transitioning from permed to... Read More »

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How to Put Rods in for a Perm?

Are you tired of sporting the straight-hair look? Do you want luxurious curls that fall into place without falling flat? Perm rods can help you get the look you desire. By using perm rods, you can ... Read More »

What Do Different Perm Rods Do?

Perms had their triumph in the '80s, but today, some people still seek long lasting curls. A perm breaks down the structural component of the hair and essentially reprograms it to take a new shape.... Read More »

History of Perm Rods?

For years, women have been obsessed with curly and wavy hair. This obsession led to the use of wigs by many women in earlier centuries. Eventually, women found a way to curl their hair using their ... Read More »

How to Roll Perm Rods?

Perm rods come in different sizes. The smaller the cylinder, the tighter the curl. Perm rods are color-coded according to size. Red rods are the smallest and create tight curls for short hair. The ... Read More »