How to Do Self Defence Judo?

Answer This is a helpful guide to tell you how to bring down an opponent if you are attacked or threatened.

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Is a CO2 fire extinguisher good for home defence (self defence)?

Yes it would freeze their face, but would be costly to refill, also make sure its had its 10 year pressure test and annual service to ensure it would work correctly in case of emergency

How to Do Judo?

Someone Must WinJudo is a relatively modern martial art, created by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. Its roots lie in Ju Jitsu, which was the original art used by the Samurai. Kano wanted to create a... Read More »

How to clean a judo gi?

You can wash warm and tumble dry low. Line drying it will be all wrinkled.

How to Compete in Judo?

Executing a throw with two hands on the lapel.Winning at all costs is not the true judo, but this is the reality of excelling in tournaments. The price of competition is sacrificing your safety, an... Read More »