How to Do Rock Tumbling?

Answer Rock tumbling is a hobby for geology enthusiasts. Rock tumbling enthusiasts collect rocks, then use a device called a rock tumbler to grind the rocks down to a smoother shape and polish them. Rock ... Read More »

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How long is stage 2 of rock tumbling?

The second stage of rock tumbling takes one week. Rock tumbling in a rotary rock tumbler consists of four stages: two grinding stages, a pre-polish stage and a polishing stage. Each stage takes an ... Read More »

Do you add water to stage 1 in rock tumbling?

The first step for rock tumbling is to fill the tumbler about two-thirds to three-fourths full and to add water to a level just below the top of the rocks. Make sure the barrel is clean before star... Read More »

Can you use regular sand for stage 1 of rock tumbling?

Stage 1 of rock tumbling is meant to file down the sharp edges and round out your stones. It is advised to use a very coarse grit for this first stage of rock tumbling. Then use progressively finer... Read More »

How to Get Better at Tumbling?

For all those cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, or people who just wanna learn how to do flips to show off in front of their friends, here are ways to improve your tumbling skills.