How to Do Research Into a Historical Figure?

Answer Elizabeth I, Theodore Roosevelt, Vladimir Lenin…the list of historical figures is endless.  Here are a few pointers on how to do research into them.  Have to do an assignment into a historic... Read More »

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What Historical Figure Would You Like To See A Film Made About?

Baron Ungern Von Sternberg, the deranged Russian nobleman and mystic who took over Mongolia and ruled it for less than a year.Andrew JacksonNestor Makhno, the Russian revolutionary who founded an a... Read More »

Degrees in Historical Research?

Historical researchers can find work in a variety of fields from individuals, companies or non-profit organizations. They are often freelancers who are paid by the hour and work in specialized fiel... Read More »

Historical Research Paper Ideas?

Whether you are taking an introductory history survey class or an upper-level course as a history major, coming up with a research topic can be a challenge. While making sure to fulfill the assignm... Read More »

Historical Development in Nursing Research?

The chief purpose of nursing research is to establish best practice guidelines by discovering the most effective treatment methods, the least costly methods and the most reasonably implemented. Nur... Read More »