How to Do Primer on an Integra?

Answer Primer seals metal panels, prevents rust, and allows for paint to bond. It is an important prep stage before spraying paint on a car.To lay down primer properly, you need to properly clean and prep... Read More »

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Where can I purchase Ruby Kisses Eye Shadow Primer and anyone know of another cheap eye shadow primer?

Most local beauty stores sell Ruby Kisses products as well as……Another nice primer is the $1 primer from ELF. I... Read More »

How to Use 2K Primer?

Talk to any professional paint sprayer and they will inevitably tell you that a perfect topcoat can only be achieved if the preparation work on an auto body panel is perfect as well. Body shops use... Read More »

How to Mix 2K Primer?

Two-pack primers are commonly used in the automotive repair industry and they are applied to vehicles for several different reasons. Because of their high solid content, two-pack primers are capabl... Read More »

How to Mix Primer?

Preparing primer sometimes requires the mixing of primer with an activator prior to use. This mix must be done carefully, combining the exact ratio necessary for the best results. While careful mea... Read More »