How to Do Pranks With Garden Gnomes?

Answer Ever wanted to freak people out by placing garden gnomes all over their yard?Here's how.

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What is the point of garden gnomes?

I think they are mean to scare off naughty fairies and pixies in the old days.But now they give charaters to the garden(depending the look of course)like how "How pretty the girl is with that garde... Read More »

Gnomes have infested my garden. How do I get rid of them?

Make friends with the Gnomes. Their magick will help your garden grow.As for the Pink Flamingos - Hollywood is making a remake of "Miami Vice" - you can always send the flamingos there to be in th... Read More »

Garden gnomes. Friend or foe?

Friends of course. We have lovely little chats about how their fishing is coming on when I fall into their grotto after a healthy session in the pub.Sometimes they give me some of their special mus... Read More »

Do garden gnomes have feelings?

yes when they get used to you they will talk back