How to Do Pole Work with a Horse?

Answer This horse has just rode over a polePolework, or riding over poles, is a good introduction to jumping. It regulates a horse's stride and helps improve your balance and rhythm. Polework is also a go... Read More »

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How to Build Horse Pole Bending Bases?

Pole bending is an exciting equine sport, and one of the hardest for horse and rider to master. It takes a lot of practice before the horse and his rider can weave flawlessly through a set of six p... Read More »

How does a gin pole work?

According to Broadcast Tower Technologies, Inc. the gin pole is uniquely used for the purpose of erecting towers for a variety of items including broadcast antennas. The gin pole is not in common u... Read More »

Whenever I spin upside down on the pole at work, my thighs chafe. How can I prevent this?

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In BBC documentaries who went around the world in 80 days journeyed from pole to pole and went full circle around the Pacific?