How to Do Pin Striping?

Answer Pin striping a car can add a classy, finished look to the paint job. Pin stripes can be painted as one single line, or several lines running parallel down the side of the car. Pin striping can also... Read More »

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What Is Disk Striping?

Very large files are commonplace in some types of professional computer applications. If you work with large files on a regular basis, the hard drive in your computer may limit your productivity by... Read More »

How do I remove pin striping from car?

Solvent MethodOne of the simplest way to get pin striping off your car is to use solvent and a plastic razor blade. First, you must soak the stripe in chemical glue solvent (like SEM's "SEM-solve"... Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Pin Striping for a Motorhome?

If you want to make your motorhome stand out from the crowd, yet do not want to go to the expense of paying for a custom graphic paint job, you can add pin stripes and other decorative details your... Read More »

What Is Traffic Striping?

You likely come into contact with traffic striping on your commute to work, while walking your dog or when out for a leisurely bike ride. Simply put, traffic striping is the paint that is applied b... Read More »