How to Do Percentages?

Answer Percent means "per hundred" and is the amount out of 100. The symbol (%) is a simplistic way to write a fraction that has a denominator of 100. As an example, instead of stating the man was sick ... Read More »

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How to Work With Percentages?

The first thing to understand is that there are two major categories of percentage problems: straight comparison questions (such as, "35 is 5% of what number?") and increase/decrease questions (lik... Read More »

How to Add Percentages on a Calculator?

If your calculator does not have a feature to enter percentages, you can convert a percentage to a decimal and then add the figures together. A percentage is much like a decimal or fraction -- even... Read More »

How to Average Two Percentages?

Determining the average of two percentages is similar to calculating the average of any two numbers. You add the two numbers and divide them by two. For simplicity, you may convert the two percenta... Read More »

What are the percentages for prozac?

Not medical advice. With the use of Xeristar, all patient's weight reportedly decreased and there was no mean weight gain reported. Fluoxetine has also been associated with weight loss during acute... Read More »