How to Do Parabola Equations?

Answer Parabolas are the graphs of quadratic equations, or equations of the form y=ax2+bx+c. In Algebra and in many upper-level math courses, you will need to be comfortable with interpreting and graphing... Read More »

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How to Graph Equations, Linear Equations, Coordinates and Functions?

Some high school math courses require students to be proficient in using a graphic calculator. Many classes ask that students purchase a Texas Instruments calculator such as a TI-83, TI-84 Plus or ... Read More »

How to Transform Equations Into Equivalent Equations?

An equivalent equation has different terms, but the same solution, as another equation. For example, x = 2 and 2x = 4 are equivalent equations because both of their solutions are 2. Based on the pr... Read More »

How to Solve a Parabola?

A parabola is a graph of a quadratic function. It looks like the letter "U" when graphed on a Cartesian plane (an X,Y axis). The quadratic function is ax^2+bx+c = 0, where a, b, and c are numbers c... Read More »

How to Know the Direction of Your Parabola?

A parabola's direction refers to the way it opens. Parabolic equations can have two forms: the standard form and the vertex form. Both forms can have either x or y as the input variable. As example... Read More »