How to Do Nubian Twists?

Answer Nubian twists are type of hair extension used on African American hair. These twists are a form of protective styling -- worn for a period of up to two months -- to protect the natural hair from th... Read More »

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Hair Care for Nubian Twists?

Nubian twists are a low-maintenance natural hairstyle in which two-strand sections of your hair are twisted in with extensions. They are different from kinky twists in that the extensions used are ... Read More »

How to Care for Nubian Goats?

Nubian goats, also known as Anglo-Nubians, are a breed of goat developed in England but bred from goats native to the Middle East and North Africa. These goats can tolerate hot climates and are con... Read More »

What Are Nubian Locks?

African-American hair care has a vast number of terms for hairstyles, some of which have no agreed upon meaning. The term Nubian locks, for instance, refers to both natural dreadlocks and synthetic... Read More »

How to Care for Nubian Braids?

Nubian braids are the way to go if you're looking for a low maintenance, natural hairstyle that will last for months. When you run out the door each morning, you won't have to bother with messy oil... Read More »