How to Do Nubian Twists?

Answer Nubian twists are type of hair extension used on African American hair. These twists are a form of protective styling -- worn for a period of up to two months -- to protect the natural hair from th... Read More »

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Hair Care for Nubian Twists?

Nubian twists are a low-maintenance natural hairstyle in which two-strand sections of your hair are twisted in with extensions. They are different from kinky twists in that the extensions used are ... Read More »

What Are Nubian Locks?

African-American hair care has a vast number of terms for hairstyles, some of which have no agreed upon meaning. The term Nubian locks, for instance, refers to both natural dreadlocks and synthetic... Read More »

What does the word"Nubian"mean?

A Nubian is a person from Nubia, an ethnic and cultural area in the upper Nile River Valley from around 3800 B.C. to the 14th century A.D. The region was in what is now modern Egypt and Sudan. Nub... Read More »

How to Care for Nubian Goats?

Nubian goats, also known as Anglo-Nubians, are a breed of goat developed in England but bred from goats native to the Middle East and North Africa. These goats can tolerate hot climates and are con... Read More »