How to Do Makeup for an 18 Year Old?

Answer It's important to learn the proper techniques for applying makeup as well as when it's appropriate to wear certain styles. Natural, fresh looks look attractive on young girls for daytime wear. Sub... Read More »

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MAKEUP for 13 year old?

13 + make up + not look trashy?Sorry, not possible.

Should 12 year old where makeup?

I started wearing makeup when I went into 7th grade, and I was 12. I don't see a problem with it as long as it's appropriate - no comehither, smoky eyes kind of thing. That's just creepy. Beside... Read More »

Makeup <3 for a 13 year old?

You should wear less. You should use mascara and gloss. Concealer is okay for a break out and such but don't paint a mask on your face at that age.

Is this too much makeup for a 15 year old?

i don't think it's too much. from what you said, your make-up sounds very natural, and not over the board. and of course once you start experimenting with make-up, you'll find what works for you an... Read More »