How to Do Make Up for Photos for 45-Year-Olds?

Answer When applying makeup for 45-year-olds for photos, remember that today's cameras are intensely accurate and record images in every detail. For a person over 40, that means every pore, wrinkle, bag a... Read More »

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Can 11 year olds wear make up?

You'll have time to be phony and live your life for what others think later. Take a few years to be real and live your own life before you descend into the slave pit of fashion.

How do I make a carnival game for 3-4 year olds?

Mark DucksBuy 12 small rubber ducks. Put red stickers on the bottom of four, and put yellow stickers on four more. Add blue and green stickers to the other ducks.Fill DishFill a shallow dish with a... Read More »

Should 13 year olds be wearing make up ?

it dont really matter if the 13 year old feels like wering make up than let her some girls mature way fster than others and there isnt any harm in wering makeup

Should 13 Year Olds Wear Make-Up?

they can if they want but if you wear as much as my 12 year old little sister youll look a whore except she is too ugly to be a whoreit looks like she was crying cause her makeup looks so shitty