How to Do Live Action Roleplay?

Answer At one point or another, I'm sure you've always wanted to try out Live-Action Roleplay (LARP) Have you always had trouble starting? Well, this particular wikiHow will tell you how and where to start!

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How do i make a live action video?

To answer your main and initial question, purchase a video camera and record the live action that takes place.To answer your last question, you will need software to do screen capture videos. Seve... Read More »

What was the 70's sword and sorcery live action tv series?

From the 80s... Wizards and Warriors ?

How to Live Action Role Play (LARP) With Few Supplies?

LARP (live action role-play) can need 20+ players and over $100 in supplies, but here is how to LARP with 2+ people and household items or $30. The goal is escaping life, becoming your character, i... Read More »

When is the Star Wars Live Action TV series supposed to air and which channel?

It's suppose to come out in 2010, but with George Lucas that could change. No channels have been set in stone yet...but my guess would be one of the major networks.