How to Do Liberty Spikes With Wavy Hair?

Answer For centuries, people have been shaving the sides of their hair and letting a center stripe fly in the "mohawk" style. In 2003, an Irish corpse dating back 2,300 years was found with this haircut a... Read More »

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How to Do Liberty Spikes With Curly Hair?

Having curly hair doesn't have to prevent you from having the hair style you want. Using the right tools and products and having some patience can make styling liberty spikes in your hair easy. Thi... Read More »

How to Create Liberty Hair Spikes?

Although named after the spikes on the Statue of Liberty's crown, the liberty spike hairstyle first became popular in England during the fledging days of punk rock in the 1970s. The hairstyle requi... Read More »

How to Do Liberty Spikes With Egg Whites?

Liberty spiking your hair is an edgy look that was made popular by kids of the punk scene. While many think of punk when they see liberty spikes, kids of all scenes have acclimated to this look of ... Read More »

How to Put Up Liberty Spikes?

Liberty spikes are a hairstyle named after their visual similarity to the Statue of Liberty's crown. The spikes are long, pointy and often dyed. Mohawks are often teased into liberty spikes. Good l... Read More »