How to Do Home Recording with Mixcraft?

Answer Are you a Musician? Do you have awesome songs and want them to be heard? Well here is the simple steps to record from your home!

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How can I detect my home phone recording to cell phone recording?

I am not sure, but the best place I have found to sell my old cell phones is:

Is this a good idea - Recording the whereabouts of home contents on home answering machine?

Hahaha...I never thought of that,,but a lot of people may as well I "spose if theyre just advertising the fact that theyre not home...but if they came to my place,,they'd be in for a shock as I rar... Read More »

What should I buy first for my home recording studio?

You will need DAW software to put on your computer. Your options depend on your budget - you could go for Pro Tools or Ableton Live, or a cheaper option like Garageband (if you have a Mac), or even... Read More »

Do i need anything else for my home recording studio?…I used this site to help a friend of mine set up his home recording studio equipment, hope this helps you!