How to Do Home Recording with Mixcraft?

Answer Are you a Musician? Do you have awesome songs and want them to be heard? Well here is the simple steps to record from your home!

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How to Use MIDI Files With Mixcraft?

MIDI song files contain no actual music: rather, a MIDI file is a series of standardized instructions that tells a digital instrument or music program how to play a series of notes. MIDI files come... Read More »

How to Remix a Song with Mixcraft 3?

Many people enjoy seeing what songs are with with different sounds(Beats,Sound Effects etc.). This is commonly called remixing and it can be enjoyable,fun, and rewarding. Here is how you can do it ... Read More »

How can I detect my home phone recording to cell phone recording?

I am not sure, but the best place I have found to sell my old cell phones is:

Is this a good idea - Recording the whereabouts of home contents on home answering machine?

Hahaha...I never thought of that,,but a lot of people may as well I "spose if theyre just advertising the fact that theyre not home...but if they came to my place,,they'd be in for a shock as I rar... Read More »