How to Do Headband Hairstyles?

Answer Headbands are becoming more popular, thanks in part to TV shows like "Gossip Girl." The headband is the accessory of the moment, and every hair type can sport one. Take your outfit into overdrive a... Read More »

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1960s Headband Hairstyles?

The 1960s were a popular time for headbands that transcended age, trends and style. Headbands worn in the 1960s were a quick fix for bad hair days, sweaty gym maneuvers or riding in convertibles wi... Read More »

Formal Headband Hairstyles?

The headband is a staple of all children growing out their bangs. Its other claim to fame may be its use for women washing their faces. In 2010, the headband is more versatile than ever. It can add... Read More »

How do you feel like this feather hair headband Feather hair headband or clip- in feather hair extensions?

You are turing 15,it's a cute age.The former one may be more suitable for you,no matter its color or style just matches your hair and also your age.By the way ,I would like to tell you that I use... Read More »

How to Sew a Bow Headband?

There are several types of hair accessories with which you can accentuate your "look." Headbands are one of these accessory types, and they come in many colors and designs in order to fashionably e... Read More »