How to Do Hardcore Dance Moves?

Answer We've all seen it at local shows: there's either the guy doing cartwheels or the guy near the back that goes around punching people in the face, no one likes them. But you want to dance! Here's how... Read More »

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How to Hardcore Dance?

Hardcore dancing is a very genuine practice and is taken quite seriously at most shows, both local and otherwise. If you plan on getting into Hardcore dancing you should learn to also take it serio... Read More »

How to Do the Two Step Hardcore Dance?

According to the Urban Dictionary, this is a dance hardcore kids do that's done to a certain beat of a song that you can't really dance to, so you two-step to the beat of the music. It takes quite ... Read More »

How to Hardcore Dance (for Beginners)?

Want to get started with Hardcore Dancing in your favorite mosh pit. Lets look at some of the basics!

How to Do Some Break Dance Moves?

Break dancing is a challenging type of dance. It is all the moves like hopping on hands. It is a type of hip - hop. From this article, you will learn popular moves like the armwave, valdez, windmil... Read More »