How to Do Greaser's Hairstyles for Girls?

Answer If you love the rockabilly looks of the 1950's--and want a fun and interesting new up do--take a look at this. You will learn the tricks and techniques to create a gorgeous "greaser look" without b... Read More »

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What did the greasers and the socs share in common?

both have social status and they both haves issues that they have to face in the book the outsiders

Girls' Hairstyles of the '80s?

Woman's hair during the '80s screamed volume and lots of it. The more volume that girls could pump into their hair, the more it was admired. Some hairstyles were influenced by pop culture icons lik... Read More »

Girls Hairstyles?

For some girls, hairstyling isn't the easiest step in their daily grooming routine. But there are many styles to choose from, so you can find one that works for your hair. Wavy or straight, short ... Read More »

FOB Hairstyles for Girls?

A hairstyle trend that's popular among young Asians and is especially visible among pop stars is the FOB hairstyle. It's very similar to Western emo hairstyles, but adapted for the Asian culture. T... Read More »