How to Do Furoshiki (Wrap and Carry Things With Square Cloth)?

Answer With paper and plastic bags falling out of favour around the world, we are left to wonder if heavy canvas bags or bulky reusable bags are the only method left to us for carrying our groceries. One ... Read More »

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How do i wrap silverware in cloth napkins?

Wrapping Silverware in Cloth NapkinsTo wrap silverware in a cloth napkin, first fold the square cloth napkin into a triangle. Next, put the silverware onto the napkin. Then fold in the bottom right... Read More »

How to Make a Terry Cloth Bath Wrap?

Have you ever seen those pricy bath wraps on QVC and thought, "Hey, I bet I could make that myself!"? Well, you can! And without expensive patterns or unneccessary tools and steps.

A rectangular piece of cloth has an area of 1/12 square yard.?

1/12=2(x) ....x= 1/12 ) /(2/1)=1/12 x 1/2 ===1/24 yard

How to Wrap a Box With a Square End?

You may already know how to wrap a present, but it gets a little trickier when you're dealing with a larger box. If you've ever tried to wrap a gift only to find that the end flaps don't adequately... Read More »