How to Do French Braids Step-by-Step?

Answer French braids have been a popular and common hairstyle for many years. The exact origin of this braiding technique is unknown, as is the date it came to be. French braids have stood the test of tim... Read More »

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Step-by-Step Instructions on Different Hair Braids?

With long hair, it is very easy to produce many different looks. Much of these involve braiding of the hair, but with a few simple instructions and some practice, it is not difficult to achieve th... Read More »

Unique Step-by-Step Braids for Your Hair?

Both women and men are in love with long hair but hate dealing with it, as those long locks often require a large amount of upkeep. Or sometimes they just want to wear it a different way, for diffe... Read More »

How to Do Fishtail or Herringbone Braids Step by Step?

When you braid your hair using the standard three strand braid, you may feel frustrated by the generic quality of this common braid type. One solution is to braid your hair using a less commonly us... Read More »

Step-by-Step on How to French Braid Pigtails for Your Daughter?

French-braided pigtails can be fashioned on someone with medium-length hair or longer. The French braid is similar to a free-standing braid, except it forms along the sides of the head. It will tak... Read More »