How to Do Fractional Parts of a Group?

Answer Fractions can be used in everyday life. Chefs use it to measure ingredients, general contractors use it to measure cuts of wood and other building materials, and teachers use it to divide students ... Read More »

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How to Create Fractional Parts in Fourth Grade Math?

Fractions is an area of mathematics related to number sense. In fourth grade, students should be able to create a pictorial representation of fractions using the denominator to determine the number... Read More »

What does fractional distillation mean?

Fractional distillation is a scientific process to manipulate and study mixtures of liquids. The process uses boiling points of different organic liquids to separate those liquids from each other, ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Fractional Exponent?

An expression with a fractional, or rational, exponent is equivalent to an expression written with a radical. Converting an expression with a fractional exponent into one with a radical gets rid of... Read More »

Why Is Fractional Distillation Useful?

Fractional distillation makes it possible to extract individual liquids from a mixture of substances. It's what produces gasoline for cars and spirits for cocktails. Fractional distillation can be ... Read More »