How to Do Eye Makeup for Girls in Pageants?

Answer Eye makeup for beauty pageants differs from everyday eye makeup. Instead of sheer, everyday eye makeup that's hard to see from a distance, high-pigmented stage makeup is used. Stage makeup is thick... Read More »

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Makeup Styles for Pageants?

Simply put, pageant makeup dramatizes normal makeup looks. The bright stage lights of a pageant can wash out a makeup look, so it is important to apply more vibrant colors than you would normally u... Read More »

Does anybody else think that little girls doing beauty pageants is kinda odd?

I have family members that have done a couple of pageants. What happens backstage is disgusting. half the kids are crying from pain (tight rollers, teeth bleach, eye liner, tight dresses, glue to m... Read More »

Natural makeup - or dramatic makeup [guys open; girls can to]?

i consider makeup being an art. i play with different designs and colors. i prefer very dramatic, standout type makeup, it doesn't look natural, but neither do the outfits we wear..i don't use it t... Read More »

Do guys like girls with light to no makeup or lots of makeup?

i like girls that wear little makeup. it shows how the girl really looks and not all painted up. also it shows that the girl has a lot of confidence in themselves