How to Do Dreadlocks in Caucasian Hair?

Answer If you're planning on wearing dreadlocks, be aware that the styling process will be more complicated if you're Caucasian. That's because your hair texture is usually not as thick or coarse as a bla... Read More »

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Ethnic hair care products on caucasian hair?

I am white and I've used plenty of ethnic hair products before. I actually don't have any white friends, all of mine are African American, Asian, or Hispanic and I've used their hair products just... Read More »

How to Get Caucasian Hair Thicker?

Caucasian hair is typically known for being slightly thinner than most other hair types. However, both the appearance of the hair as well as the actual hair itself can become thick and full without... Read More »

How to Do Dreads on Caucasian Hair?

Dreadlocks are easier to achieve in African hair because it is thicker and often has tighter curls. However, it is possible to create dreadlocks in Caucasion hair as well. Caucasian hair is thinner... Read More »

How to Dreadlock Caucasian Hair on a Male?

Dreadlocks are rope-like twists of hair that can be created in any type of hair. Dreadlocks, or dreads as they are often called, are created using backcombing and twisting. Beginning dreads can be ... Read More »