How to Do Dread Extenders?

Answer Neglecting to comb your hair and letting it knit together into clumps is the natural way to produce dreadlocks. These clumps are then pried apart to make large or small locks, depending on the styl... Read More »

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The Best Tan Extenders?

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What Are Spray-on Tan Extenders?

Those who want a tan complexion have a few choices. They can either soak in the sun for a few hours a day, pay for a membership to tan indoors in a tanning salon, or use a spray-on tan. Spray-on ta... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Eyelash Extenders?

Eyelash extenders or extensions are false eyelashes that are affixed to the natural eyelashes with an adhesive. These extensions typically last four to six weeks, eventually falling off on their ow... Read More »

Do They Make Car Seatbelt Extenders?

What if the seat belts in the car you plan to buy are too short for you? Do you give up on the car you want and look for a car with longer seat belts? Not necessary. Products are available to solve... Read More »