How to Do Disney's Pocahontas Make Up?

Answer Pocahontas at Disney worldPocahontas is the daughter of chief Powhatan, In the movie, she fell in love with Englishman John Smith and had a grandmother, who was a tree!

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How to Make a Pocahontas Costume?

Pocahontas and fanWhether it be for a play or just for fun, Pocahontas is a great character. Here are some suggestions for creating your own Pocahontas outfit and accessories.

How to Make a Disney's Pocahontas Costume?

Pocahontas at Walt Disney worldDo you love the Disney movie Pocahontas? If you do, and you have a reason to wear it(whether it be to a Halloween party or whatever), read this article to find out ho... Read More »

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I saw them at Target here's the specific page:…

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