How to Do Derivatives?

Answer It is easy to calculate the slope of a straight line. The formula is (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1). But what if the line is curved? In order to determine that we need to be able to find the slope of a line t... Read More »

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How to Calculate FXY Partial Derivatives?

Partial derivatives in calculus are derivatives of multivariate functions taken with respect to only one variable in the function, treating other variables as though they were constants. Repeated d... Read More »

How to Take Derivatives in Calculus?

Derivatives can be used to obtain useful characteristics about a graph, such as the maximums, minimums, peaks, valleys, and slopes. You can even use them to graph complicated equations without a gr... Read More »

How to Invest in Financial Derivatives?

Financial derivatives are securities that are based on an underlying loan note ("the underlying"), the securities are directly tied to the repayment and amortization of this note. Banks issue deriv... Read More »

How to Find Derivatives of Logarithms?

Taking the derivative of functions with logarithms in them is an important skill you learn in calculus. The logarithm of a number with a specific base is the exponent you raise the base to to make ... Read More »