How to Do Custom Car Upholstery?

Answer Sometimes your vehicle's upholstery starts to look faded, or it may have holes in it from years of wear and tear. If you know how to sew you can probably reupholster your vehicle.

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How to Custom Auto Upholstery?

If you can sew, you can probably re-upholster your automobile.

Custom Auto Upholstery Technical Advice?

Maybe your existing upholstery isn't customized and you want to upgrade, or perhaps your existing custom work is worn out. Either way, this is a highly skilled process, so you'll need professional ... Read More »

How to Get Gum off of Car Upholstery?

No matter how careful you are with your car's upholstery, accidents happen. You can ban people from chewing gum in your car, but you can't stop them from accidentally sitting in gum and transferrin... Read More »

How to Sew Car Upholstery?

Car interiors that are used regularly and for long periods of time will start to show wear. Small tears or fraying of the upholstery might occur on car seats and lead to the padding coming out. Ho... Read More »