How to Do Chord Magick?

Answer Cord Magick is used alongside a Petition to assist a Witch in acquiring an outcome of a situation, or acquiring an object of their own desiring. As always, you need to sit in a quiet place -- perha... Read More »

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How to Have a Magick Duel?

Zipolaria... cohsumonohs... adradavara! Get spellbooks, trade them, buy them, train, duel.

How to Play Magick and Monsters?

Ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons but didn't want to buy everything? Then Magick and Monsters can help! When all you need is paper and a pencil, it couldn't be easier. Also, if your parents ... Read More »

How to Pretend to work Magick?

Yes, these are kinda like magic tricks, but don't leave the page! These are the kind no one knows of. To see the items needed for every spell, check the 'Things You'll Need' section, thank you.

How to Make Magick Spells Work?

Here, you can learn how to make spells that have never even worked before work for you. These aren't magic tricks, this 'magick', as we call it, is a part of you that has been released. Use this fu... Read More »