How to Do CV Joints?

Answer Constant velocity (CV) joints are important components for your automobile. CV boots that are kept clean and are checked regularly for cracks and damage can help to prevent having to replace the CV... Read More »

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How to Lay Out Box Joints?

Box joints, also called finger joints, are a common type of joinery used in woodworking. The joint was traditionally used for boxes since it was simple and effective. It is similar to a dovetail in... Read More »

U-Joints Vs. CV Joints?

Different strokes for different folks, or so they say. Universal and constant velocity joints have been around for a long time, and at no point has any one design managed to supplant another. Diffe... Read More »

How to Check U Joints?

The universal joint is a coupling that connects two shafts and allows movement in all directions. This freedom of movement allows the drive shaft to move up and down as the car passes over bumps. M... Read More »

How to Replace U-Joints on a TR6?

The U-joints (universal joints) on a Triumph TR6 are important components of the driveline. The U-joints allow the drive shaft (also called a propeller shaft) to spin smoothly where it is bolted to... Read More »