How to Do Break Even Analysis?

Answer Break-even analysis is a very useful cost accounting technique. It is part of a larger analytical model called cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis, and it helps you determine how many product units y... Read More »

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How to Do a Break Even Chart in Excel?

Break-even analysis is a tool for evaluating the profit potential of a business model and for evaluating various pricing strategies. You can easily compile fixed costs, variable costs and pricing o... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break Even Point of a Mortgage?

People who take out a mortgage often do not keep it for the entire term. You may end a mortgage early to refinance, or pay off the old mortgage with a new one that offers a lower interest rate. Ban... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break-even Sales Amount?

Calculating break-even sales allows management to estimate how many sales, in dollars, the company needs to complete in order not to lose money. This is important for managers because they can trac... Read More »

Why You Want to Know the Break-Even Point?

When doing a financial analysis of a business, you must cover a wide variety of details. One important detail is the break-even point. When you start a business, it is important to determine this p... Read More »