How to Do Braids or Cornrows with Weave/Extensions?

Answer Braiding is the process of interlacing three or more sections of hair to create a woven hairstyle. Having your weave or hair extensions braided in a salon can be costly, but you can learn to create... Read More »

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How to Put in Cornrows With Extensions?

Cornrows are braids created close to the scalp; they are often worn with long extensions or in a bun. Cornrows originated in Africa and have become a very popular style in various parts of the worl... Read More »

How to Moisturize Hair With Cornrows?

Cornrows are an intricate hairstyling method with qualities incomparable to any other style. Though the fixed arrangement eliminates the need for daily styling, it complicates other hair care tasks... Read More »

How To: Braids With Weaves?

Braiding with hair weaves is very similar to braiding regular hair. Braiding with weaves must be done close to the head, to make neat rows along the scalp. Braiding in rows keeps short hair looking... Read More »

Crafts With Box Braids?

Box braiding is a method of braiding that weaves two or four strands to form a box-shaped plait, rather than creating traditional plaits. Box braiding can be used to fashion many different types of... Read More »