How to Do Bold and Underline on Facebook at the Same Time?

Answer Facebook's chat feature has a feature not included with the normal Facebook text box: it lets you bold or underline words. Neither feature is possible when you are simply updating your Facebook sta... Read More »

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Myspace2.0 bold underline & italic colors . . . ?

The new way of making modifications is by changing your settings through the Customized page: • You need to go to the Appearance tab. • Then click on the Advanced Edit. • Choose the se... Read More »

Can You Be on Facebook & on YouTube at the Same Time on a DSi?

The Nintendo DSi is a handheld gaming device that incorporates communications technology into many of it's features. One such feature is the Nintendo DSi Browser, a Web browser made exclusively for... Read More »

How can I control my A.D.D. and use both facebook and Y!A at the same time?

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Facebook - can I post something on several people's wall at the same time?

If you pee on my wall again I am TOTALLY coming after you! Just saying...A: Ummm, idk.