How to Do Backwards Crossovers on Ice?

Answer Backwards crossovers can be hard...especially on ice! This article can teach you how to perform a backwards crossover, so you can become better at it.

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What type of crossovers are in mtm?

This is going to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It could be as simple as nothing on the woofers and a capacitor on the tweeter. Better systems will use either a 2nd order or 4th order L... Read More »

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Do air planes go backwards?

Not while flying, but some propellers on some planes allow planes to backup. Jets can also back up on the ground, if need be, under their own power.

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Hummingbirds are the only known birds which can fly backward. Thirty percent of their body is muscle, allowing them to not only fly forward and backward, but also up, down and sideways, or to hover... Read More »