How to Do Backbend Stretches?

Answer Backbend exercises and stretches use thigh, stomach, back and butt muscles, as well as hip flexors and your pelvis. They require balance and muscle control. You can do backbend exercises at home or... Read More »

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How to Do a Backbend?

Want to spice up your new dance routine, or to seriously impress your friends? Try a backbend! It's simple enough for amateurs to pick up, but it can also be tweaked by advanced gymnasts with kicks... Read More »

How to Do a One Legged Backbend?

Are back bends too easy for you? How about doing a one legged back bend? You just need to have great balance, and patience. It takes time to learn.

How to Do a Perfect Backbend?

There are lots of flexible people out there... but there are non-flexible people too. If you want to do this easy gymnastics trick, check to see if you're bendy enough!

How to Do a Backbend in Gymnastics?

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