How to Do Alternate Nostril Breathing?

Answer It is also called "nadi shodana" and is taken from Swami Satyananda Saraswati's online class from the Devi Mandis.

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Just born baby suspect with asphyxia due to improper breathing and admitted in NI CU under machine ventilation from last 5 days but no improvement found in breathing- Pls suggest necessary treatment?

99.8 if it is higher than 102, you need to get urgant help

Shallow breathing and breathing rate?

They practice internal medicine for children ... usually up to the age of 18.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a cut in my nostril?

I don't know what it is either, but I just got over mine too. Its really weird and it hurts! :(

About Nostril Hair?

Nostril hair, the subject of jokes, has a definite purpose but is easy to keep under control. Does this Spark an idea?