How to Do Absolute Values in Geometry?

Answer Absolute value is the distance a number is from zero. In other words, if your number is 45, then the number is 45 places away from zero. If your number is -45, then your absolute value is still 45,... Read More »

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How to Calculate With Absolute Values?

When teachers first introduce students to the concept of absolute values, they often simplify, stating that the absolute value of a positive number or zero is the number itself, and the absolute va... Read More »

How to Multiply With Absolute Values?

Absolute value is a mathematical term which indicates you should ignore the sign when ascertaining the value of a number. You can think of it as the absolute value of a number is calculated by dete... Read More »

How to Write Absolute Values in an Interval Notation?

Absolute value notation is shown by two vertical lines around a number. The expression |x| means the "absolute value of x." |x| is always positive. So, |-3| = 3 and |+3| = 3. Interval notation is ... Read More »

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