How to Do 1940s Style Hair?

Answer 1940s hair seemed to reach for glamour in an era that called for wartime grit. Some of the most renowned '40s hairstyles took their name from military equipment techniques. Women gravitated toward ... Read More »

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How to Have 1940s Style?

It's classic and cool but it can be hard to recreate the perfect 1940's look in our modern world. Try following these steps. Does this Spark an idea?

1940s Style One-Piece Bathing Suits?

Swimwear has evolved greatly over the years. Swimsuit fashion often reflects society's views of morality and standards of decency. In the 1940s modesty was key, and the one piece swimsuit was the m... Read More »

How to Do 1940s Hair?

The 1940s was the era of elaborate and glamorous hairstyles. During World War II, women began to wear these complicated hairstyles due to the rationing of fabric for the war effort. The hairstyles... Read More »

Hair Curlers in the 1940s?

Women experimented with new and exciting hairstyles during the 1940s. The short, masculine styles of the 1930s gave way to the more feminine and flowing styles of the 1940s. Almost every hairstyle ... Read More »