How to Do 1920s Style Makeup?

Answer The 1920s were marked by economical growth and new waves of fashion and entertainment. The 1920s bred a new wave of women called flappers. Characterized by their short bobs, dark makeup and party a... Read More »

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How to Do Your Makeup Like in the 1920s?

Throughout the centuries, women and sometimes men have tried to look more attractive by applying makeup to their faces. In the 1920's, the advent of motion pictures brought makeup solidly into popu... Read More »

How to Do 1920s Makeup?

In the 1920s, wearing makeup became more popular among women, and the era's iconic look evolved from the color and type of products available. Wine-colored lipsticks formed "Cupid's bow" lips. Dark... Read More »

How to Apply 1920s Makeup?

These days, flappers are more commonly spotted at costume parties than in regular everyday life. In the Roaring Twenties, short bobbed hair, heavily lined eyes and tiny dark lips were an indication... Read More »

1920s Cabaret Makeup?

The cabaret style of the 1920s was a bold mixture of the masculine and feminine. To achieve the flapper look, women strapped their curves down in an effort to have boyish bodies but they wore very ... Read More »