How to Divide and Transplant Daylilies?

Answer Daylilies are hardy perennial plants that produce an abundance of showy flowers in a wide range of colors. Each flower lasts only a day (hence the name, daylilies) but there are so many flowers on ... Read More »

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How to Divide Daylilies?

Daylilies are hardy perennial plants that grow in clumps in full sun. They produce flowers that range in color and size. Each flower lasts less than 24 hours. Daylilies are relatively easy to grow.... Read More »

How do i divide daylilies&irises?

Prepare to DividePrune iris plant foliage to a height of six inches for a fall season division. Divide daylilies in spring. Dig the plant out of the ground with a sharp spade, making sure to dig wi... Read More »

How do i transplant daylilies?

LocationChoose a site that has well-drained soil and is sunny for the first half of the day. Most daylilies tolerate full sun but darker-colored varieties, semi-evergreen and some hybrids will grow... Read More »

How to Transplant Stella d'Oro Daylilies?

'Stella d'Oro' is a bright golden, low-growing variety of daylily that grows well in most climate zones. The plant is one of the most popular varieties of daylilies, according to Heritage Perennial... Read More »