How to Divide a Vector by a Scalar?

Answer Vectors and scalars are concepts used in mathematics and physics to describe quantities. Quantities which can be described with a single number, such as mass, temperature, or speed, are called scal... Read More »

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What is vector art?

Vector art is a broad term describing computer illustrations that use mathematically defined lines to draw a picture, as opposed to raster drawings, which use a matrix of colored dots or pixels.Mat... Read More »

How to Convert Jpg to Vector?

Vector graphics are the ideal format for use in logos, images, or simple illustrations because they have clear lines and contours. Due to their lack of shading and pixel depth, vector graphics load... Read More »

What is a vector file?

In digital graphics, vector images are created by a series of paths and anchor points. The paths (lines and shapes) can be manipulated and stretched like a rubber band. The anchor points provide th... Read More »

How to Normalize a Vector?

A vector is a geometric object that has direction and magnitude. It may be represented as a line segment with an initial point (starting point) on one end and an arrow on the other end, such that t... Read More »