How to Divide a Fraction in Half?

Answer Cooking requires a firm grasp of fractions due to the measuring required to follow a recipe correctly. Whether you are following a recipe or have another reason for halving a fraction, if you need ... Read More »

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What does it mean to divide by a fraction?

When you divide by a fraction, you are essentially asking "How many times will the fraction fit into this number?" For example, 3/ 1/2 = 6/1 = 6. 1/2 fits into the number three 6 times. This way of... Read More »

How to Divide & Simplify a Fraction?

When you perform calculations with fractions, you usually are required to reduce a fractional answer into its simplest form. Division is commonly the process that you use to simplify fractions. Whe... Read More »

How to Divide a Whole Number With a Fraction?

This is an easy way of dividing fractions.

How to Divide a Mixed Fraction Into a Whole Number?

A mixed fraction contains a whole number and a fraction, such as 5 1/2; you interpret this number as five plus one-half. To divide a mixed fraction into a whole number, treat the division problem a... Read More »