How to Divide a 2 or 3 Digit Number by 25?

Answer Dividing by 25 is quite easy, if you are given multiples of 25 of course. But what if you are given 64? 135? 894?

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How to Divide a Three Digit Number?

Division is a mathematical process in which you determine how many times a certain value will fit into another value. Division is the opposite of multiplication. Some students are frustrated by div... Read More »

What is the 3 Digit number called in a phone number?

It's called the "exchange". Many years ago the first couple or few numbers in a phone number were represented by letters. For instance, one exchange in New York City was known as "Kingsbridge". ... Read More »

Why mobile number is 10 digit?

It isn't - in UK it's 11 digits long

How to Decode a 13 Digit VIN Number?

For vehicles manufactured before 1981, the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) code given to each vehicle is created from using a 13-digit sequence of letters and numbers. Each character in ... Read More »