How to Divide Your Salary?

Answer Division is a mathematical process used to determine how many times one quantity goes into another quantity. The number being divided is known as the dividend; the number going into the dividend is... Read More »

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How to Ride Your Motorcycle Down the Continental Divide?

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How to Increase Your Salary by Broadening Your Horizons?

That 'little' photography hobby you have? What can it add to your job?You have a lot of skills (not all that you use on the job, often), and even more knowledge. How can you apply that knowledge to... Read More »

Do you pay tax on your salary Florida?

Florida does NOT have a personal state income tax. You would still file your federal 1040 income tax return to the correct IRS mailing address.

If you are a salried employee but cannot work more than forty hours due to pregnancy complications should your employer be able to make you drop down to hourly and you lose your salary?