How to Divide Tracks in Audacity?

Answer Audacity is an open source audio editing and mastering application. Audacity's Split feature makes dividing tracks in an editing timeline a simple process. Use the Split feature to divide stereo tr... Read More »

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How to Put Two Tracks Together With Audacity?

There are three ways to join different tracks in Audacity. The first is to combine two mono tracks into a single stereo track; the second is to add one track to the beginning or end of another trac... Read More »

How to Align Tracks in Audacity?

Many musicians use Audacity to complete musical projects, ranging from single songs to albums and other more complicated tasks. This software, which is commonly available as freeware, includes many... Read More »

How to Use Audacity to Split Multiple Audio Tracks?

Recording a lecture or a live musical performance on your digital audio recorder can produce a very long audio file. If you want to burn the recording to CD or listen to it on your portable media p... Read More »

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