How to Divide Percentages for Tests?

Answer Dividing percentages by one another may seem a daunting task when you first consider it. Neither figure is an integer, and in most cases both numbers are less than one, meaning that your end result... Read More »

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How to Divide Percentages on a Calculator?

As long as you are dividing a percentage by a percentage, you do not need to do any conversions of the percent to divide it on a calculator. However, if you are dividing a percent by a whole number... Read More »

Do California DMV driver tests still do parallel parking and 3 point turn tests?

Hello there!Yes, the DMV examiner may ask you to parallel park the vehicle, and either to a U-turn or a three point turn. The test leaves the exact choice of maneuvers you are being tested on up t... Read More »

All of your pregnancy tests and blood tests say you are pregnant and you just got off of the pill but why are you still having your period?

Answer Is it an actual period? Bright red and follows the light, heavy, light pattern. If it is more light pink or brown and more like spotting, it could be implantation bleeding. It normally come... Read More »

Are blood tests more accurate than urine tests for pregnancy?

On One Hand: One Blood Test More AccurateThe quantitative blood test for pregnancy, which uses the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone to confirm pregnancy (as do other tests) is co... Read More »