How to Divide & Multiply by Powers of 10?

Answer Multiplication and division by 10 or its powers are some of the simplest mathematical exercises you can do. If you are using scientific notation, all you have to do is add (multiplication) or subtr... Read More »

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How to Multiply and Divide Negative Powers of Ten?

Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 is as easy as shifting the decimal place a certain number of units to the right or left -- right for multiplication and left for division. Multiplying by a ... Read More »

How to Multiply Raised Powers?

Multiplying raised powers is a common task that you might see in a high school or college textbook. If you want to multiply numbers or variables that are raised to a certain power, you must follow ... Read More »

How to Divide and Multiply Fractions?

Although adding and subtracting fractions is a very tedious task, multiplying and dividing fractions is a lot easier and a necessary skill to learn in math. Because you have to know how to multiply... Read More »

How to Multiply and Divide Integers?

Multiplying and dividing integers is not really that different from multiplying and dividing whole numbers. You just have to keep track of the signs.